Radio Free Charlotte


Emmanuel Simpson

Station Manager

E-Mail: | Office Phone: (704) 687-1113 | Cell Phone: (919) 624-1325


Emmanuel is a senior majoring in mass communications with a minor in journalism and film studies. Emmanuel is originally from Raleigh, North Carolina and enjoys playing basketball and hanging with friends. His future career goals are to become a sports or entertainment broadcaster. He is also a Paramount Pictures college ambassador and a member of the UNC Charlotte chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists.

Caroline Hewett

Assistant Station Manager

E-Mail: | Office Phone: 704-687-1113


Caroline Hewett is a senior communications major from New Jersey. She came to Charlotte to expand her horizons and experience a different culture. Caroline joined Radio Free Charlotte to apply her love for music and quickly realized that its something she wants to keep doing as a career. After graduation, Caroline plans to move to LA and pursue a career in the music industry.

Chris Crews

Program Director

E-Mail: | Office Phone: (704) 687-7142 | Cell Phone: (704) 879-1885


Chris Crews is a senior sociology major from Charlotte. Chris joined student media as a photographer for the Niner Times and became Technical Director the following year, applying his technical skills in addition to passion for photography to Student Media and Radio Free Charlotte. After graduation, Chris plans to continue into Grad school.

Yanni Johnson

PR Director

E-Mail: | Office Phone: (704) 687-1113


Originally from Flushing, New York, Yanni Johnson moved to Charlotte, NC her senior year of high school. Her love for music and entertainment began to bud at a young age from musicals to dance, Yanni always had music involved in her life. Entering her sophomore year in college Yanni began her career at Radio Free Charlotte first as a radio Host and the following year was quickly promoted to Public Relations Director. Yanni will be graduating in May 2018 with a degree in Political Science and two minors in Criminal Justice and Legal Studies. Although Yanni will soon have to leave college life for a career soon she will continue to incorporate music and entertainment into her life post graduation.

Dorion Anderson

Music Director

E-Mail: | Office Phone: (704) 687-1113

“Faith and doubt cannot share the same space, commit to the process & watch your success unfold”
​​​​- Dorion K. Anderson


​​Dorion K. Anderson is a Communication Studies major / Journalism minor with a concentration in Mass Media from Greensboro, NC. He is a Founder and Vice President of the UNC Charlotte chapter for the National Association of Black Journalist. Dorion has interned for Forbes magazine as Brand Ambassador Marketing Specialist.

He has hosted numerous events on and off campus; has set on leadership panels and initiated campus activities. Dorion works with area colleges and universities to enhance partnerships to build student relationships. He brings forth a professional demeanor, eluding positivity and leadership.